Ardent Partners - ePayables 2017

The State of AP-P2P 2017 Report
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The State of P2P 2017 Market Report
Report Author: Andrew Bartolini - Chief Research Officer

Report Theme: P2P Convergence on Cash, Suppliers, and Intelligence
In 2017, the P2P team is well-positioned to increase its strategic value to the greater enterprise. Through innovation, intelligence, and more efficient processes, today's P2P functions are primed to serve a new role: helping to manage cash, serve suppler management strategies, and generate valuable enterprise intelligence in an on-demand fashion. Ardent's 2017 State of the P2P Market report will build upon our earlier research, present a current state view of the P2P marketplace, and identify the key market trends that will shape the future.
This report will also analyze and discuss what Best-in-Class organizations are doing to gain an advantage in the areas of P2P, cash management, and invoice and payment processing and include key operational and performance metrics that will help your organization benchmark its performance and determine what is required to improve its performance. The survey is intended for practitioners only.

 As a thank you for taking this ~15-minute survey,
you will receive a free copy of the report ($499 value) when it publishes in May 2017. 
1. How valuable is your AP team to the greater organization?
2. Which of the following items are necessary for your AP department's drive to achieve next-level performance?